Working papers

Crippa, L. (2021). “Global Firms and Global Sheriffs? Why Territory Matters for Extraterritorial Regulation of Global Corporate Crime.” Download paper.

Crippa, L., & Genovese, F. (2021). “Papal Dividends: Do Pope’s Political Communications Move Economic Markets?” Download paper.

Crippa, L. (2021). “The conditional arm of the law. The effect of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention on foreign direct investment.” Download paper.

Work in progress

Crippa, L. “Insulator or Conductor? Corporate Ownership and the Effect of Criminal Scandals.”

Crippa, L. “A Synthetic Counterfactual Solution to the Identification of Staggered Treatment Effects in Unbalanced Panel Data.”

Crippa, L., & Saavedra-Lux, L. “Go Fight Elsewhere! FDI and the Diffusion of Conflict.”

Crippa, L., & Picci, L. “Cross-border Corruption and the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention: The Determinants of Compliance.”

Crippa, L., Wittek, R., & Silitonga, M. S. “Does Aid Spur Corruption? An Empirical Test of the ‘Curse of Aid’ Hypothesis in Indonesian Provinces.”

Kostelka, F., Crippa, L., & Swatton P. J. “Participation and Inequality in the U.S. States.”